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img_4679     by paul james design

If you are interested in acquiring a Paul  James design Original Email me here, with your requirements and ideas, but please look through my website. As basic guideline  of the price and delivery times (not including shipping) read on. Generally, I will stick to standard dimensions of gallery wrapped canvas, so that its  ready to […]

Office Installation

jrf3     by paul james design

In a collaboration with Fraction,  I’m pleased to see the finished installation of my artworks in an Office in Singapore. Featuring selections for the  Memories and Solitude  series,  and a new painting for commission “Breakthrough” 1.8 by 1.2 meters oil on canvas.  For more information on commissions 

Artist of the Month.

IMG_4020     by paul james design

Check out my finished interview in on the ArtLoft Asia Website. Artist of the Month: Paul James

Paper Madness Experiment

Escalator     by paul james design

This is an example track from some software I’ve been working on the last few days, the end goal is people in public space can trigger variations and interact with the music, by jumping around in front of a video camera. The program is written in Java/Processing and uses public domain sound fonts. Currently there […]

Interview with Paul James.

PaulJames     by paul james design

I was recently interviewed for a featured article.  Here is my un-edited answers. Tell us an interesting story that occurred during art-making. There was this time when I was completely drunk… To be honest,  the most interesting that happens is that moment when you realize  that what you doing is actually working, when everything starts coming […]

The pleasure of finding things out

richard-p-feynman     by paul james design

Ok, so I been watching a load of Richard Feynman lectures online. He won a noble prize for his contributions the theory on Quantum ElectroDynamics (QED). In the information age, he was one of the pioneers of bringing science (physics) to the masses. His explanations of complex physics theory are not the easiest to grasp […]

Breaking Gallery Representation and communicating direct to the public

PaulJamesv4     by paul james design

I am on a bit of a rant about gallery representation for artists, and what emerging and unknown artists can do bring artwork directly to the public. I discuss the 50% commission that galleries take, and how dealing direct with an artist and having a direct line of communication is make buying art more meaningful […]

Works in progress : Happy !

PaulJamesV5     by paul james design

In this video I explain why Im happy having quit my job recently, and having met a few other key artists and people in Singapore. I explain the effect this has on the one my latest paintings – which is currently untitled. “Happiness  is not a related to a time or physical place, its not […]

Work in Progress

PaulJamesv6     by paul james design

In this video, I show you a new piece I’m working on. Its painted on un-stretched canvas. Its been paintings in sections, but using a lot of water and medium to make the colours drip and flow down the canvas. Theres a face towards the bottom and possible other figures…..

My background

PaulJamesV3     by paul james design

Bit more about my life growing up in England, and education and how I started painting. I also talk about growing up an only child and the process of creativity as child, and adulthood creativity. I touch on aesthetics in art, and how art it is freedom of expression, and that it important in to […]

Where am I in the World ?

PaulJames2     by paul james design

Where am I in the World ? View of my studio in Singapore. A discussion of the techniques used to make the series “Metamorphosis”, using very liquid white acrylic on a black background, and then ‘washing off’ the white paint.

Introduction to the artist Paul James.

PaulJamesV1     by paul james design

I have decided to start a youtube channel about me and my work – So I can reach out to my audience more directly than a faceless website, so get to know more about me and my artwork. So here I am introducing myself, Paul James, and my artwork. I have recently quit my full time […]

Is modern art just crap ?

modern-art     by paul james design

Is modern art just crap ? Well some people think so. A friend of mine posted the following video on Facebook and asked me what I thought. The video it turns out has a been called “infamous” and has been parodied. I replied to him “When ur sitting opposite your girlfriend at dinner and you want […]

Work in Progress

Studio     by paul james design

So heres the current work in progress in the Studio ! In the background some new abstracts, “Oil and water do not mix”, experiments with mixing oil paint and water based paints on Cotton or Canvas. Traditionally these mediums don’t mix,  but on unprimed cotton the paint soaks in and produces some abstract and grungy effects. In the […]

Images and Algorithmic composition

grunge_numbers     by paul james design

A few years ago I started some research work on translating video and images into music scores. A kind of algorithmic composition. I did  not want results which sound random or computer generated. The first attempt was for an exhibition called Redefining Materials,  22 June to 6 July 2012, School of the Arts, Singapore. The brief of the […]

Marina Abramović

Marina Abramovic     by paul james design

Marina Abramović. Lately the video of Marina Abramović and her 2010 performance piece ‘The artist is present‘,  at MoMA has been going round social media – the one where visitors are invited to sit in front of the artist in silence, when at one point her ex-lover takes part. They have not seen each other for twenty […]

My studio

Paul James Studio  Paul James Studio   by paul james design

My studio space in an old colonial house in Singapore. This is where it all happens. I have been living and working out of this studio for the last 12 years.

Was Jackson Pollock the greatest abstract painter ?

jackson-pollock  Image of the painter Jackson Pollock.   by paul james design

Was Jackson Pollock the greatest living abstract painter in the 1940’s ? Post war America was growth period for the the arts and music. Europe had Surrealism, a heady mix of the unconscious mind committing words to paper, or paint to canvas.  Techniques of applying paint to a surface had been refined but largely unchanged […]

How to live like an artist.

paul-james-artist     by paul james design

  All I really wanted to do is be an Artist. I have read How to be idle and The Freedom manifesto countless times over the last few years.  The theme of the books is how to live free of the many of the things that modern life piles upon us.  They could,  just as be well […]

Mark Rothko – Color fields.

mark-rothko  image of painter Mark Rothko   by paul james design

Mark Rothko was a man with a troubled past. Known as most famously as an abstract expressionist,  he painted in many other styles in his early career. In 1958, Rothko was commissioned for a series of paintings for the Four Seasons restaurant in Seagrams building, rented a loft at 222 Bowery to finish the commission. […]

Welcome to the site

paul_james_design_website     by paul james design

Welcome to the new design of the site. I’m starting a new journey and its all good to get things in order before departing.  

Buying Art Online

Paintbrushes     by paul james design

Buying Art online gives you access to the artists work that you may not ordinarily see. You can buy direct from the artist without the commission that galleries and online galleries add. Plus you can find out the motivation behind a piece direct from the artist. Shipping Painting will be shipped, wrapped in bubble wrap. […]