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How to live like an artist.

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All I really wanted to do is be an Artist.

I have read How to be idle and The Freedom manifesto countless times over the last few years.  The theme of the books is how to live free of the many of the things that modern life piles upon us.  They could,  just as be well be titled ‘how to live like an artist parts 1 and 2’.

While in full time employment I read these books at the weekends, on holiday, and every time I was sick of working full time. We spend so much of our working life making other peoples dreams come true, or making them money, and in return for a salary we forget our own dreams and  our own life. In most cases work/life balance is biased towards your employer and in the age of email and smartphones you can never escape the demands.

We work to buy a house,  a car, tie ourselves into a thirty year loan, and then ties ourself to a job to pay for it.  Lets face it, we never really own the house or the car, the bank does, and if we ever finish paying for it, we have paid many times the original amount in interest.  We finish work for the day travel home, bombarded with adverts to persuade us to spend money on things we do not need, or want.  There is pills available for every common ailment, fast acting,  long long lasting. Doing the sensible thing like getting a medical certificate and taking a day or two off work to rest is made difficult because you are not working for towards your employers dream.

So having reached what I perceive to be my middle age, having worked entirely on other peoples dream projects, I have decided to give up the full time employment and work on my own dream projects. Working as an artist is one of them. Why ? because  its the one thing that makes me happy,  the one thing I’m truly passionate about.  When I finish a  painting or a series of photos, I get a genuine sense of pleasure, far more pleasure than completing a project or report  in my previous work life.

Art should be without bounds,  and to be without bounds it has to be free of financial concerns and society norms.  It should be heartfelt.   It should convey a point. If you like it, like it, share it, buy it.

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