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Mark Rothko – Color fields.

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mark-rothko  image of painter Mark Rothko   by paul james design

Mark Rothko was a man with a troubled past. Known as most famously as an abstract expressionist,  he painted in many other styles in his early career.

In 1958, Rothko was commissioned for a series of paintings for the Four Seasons restaurant in Seagrams building, rented a loft at 222 Bowery to finish the commission. The result was a series of  paintings, and in fact at whole style that could be described as a color field. Huge canvases in a vertical format, designed to viewed from eighteen inches away.

Loose rectangles of color are floating on a canvas with faded edges, on such a large scale that they emote such strong feelings in the viewer; its hard to ignore.  The Rothko room at Tate Modern, with its dimmed lighting is a place of meditation, wonderment and perhaps, enlightenment for many a soul.  Again,  it is easy to say he was not original, many artists have used the same color combinations, but no one used with such purity, such power, on such a large scale to produce such an emotive response.

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