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Minimart 5.0 Exhibition

Minimart 5.0 Exhibition, 25th-26th  January 2014. The Substation, Singapore

minimart-poster     by paul james design


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Minimart5 Not all things     by paul james design

Minimart5 Not all things

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Paul James


“Painting and capturing images with photography is a channel for the expression of my thoughts and moods. My paintings represent something that cannot be captured by photography, and I prefer that photography captures images that cannot otherwise be remembered.”

Paul James has been painting and capturing images through photography for over 15 years as a means of expressing his thoughts and moods, and maintaining his childhood fascination with the world. He prefers to paint images that cannot be captured with photography, and produce photographic images of things unseen.
Paul’s specialization is in large scale non-representative abstract paintings and photography that express dynamism, starkness and abstractness of life. He often has active closed eye hallucinations – random patterns, images and colour appear when his eyes are closed. This, along with his background in mathematics, electronics, music and computer programming are represented in some of his artworks.


If you are interested in any works shown here, collaboration or commissions, please contact me here :
Email: [email protected]
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