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The pleasure of finding things out

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richard-p-feynman     by paul james design

Ok, so I been watching a load of Richard Feynman lectures online. He won a noble prize for his contributions the theory on Quantum ElectroDynamics (QED). In the information age, he was one of the pioneers of bringing science (physics) to the masses. His explanations of complex physics theory are not the easiest to grasp … but what comes across is his enthusiasm for scienctific theories. The small stuff, the complicated stuff, the pleasure of find things out. He received a noble prize for his work, but he was quoted as saying that the prize meant nothing, he had already got his prize, already got his pleasure, the pleasure of find things out.
Somehow this reminds me of painting, its the pleasure of applying paint, producing an image from simple things. A brush or two, some coloured pigment mixed with a medium, the ingredients are simple, but the outcome is complicated. From the time of Goya and Vermeer, the ingredients have been the same, but in the last 300 years, there have been many different outcomes.

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