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Website Design for Artists

Be Creative. Let your site handle the rest.


As an Artist you want spend your time producing art,  not messing around with websites.  As soon as you finish your latest artwork, you want to take a photo perhaps on your mobile phone, enter the dimensions,  the medium,  and the price and post it to your site and share the post automatically on your social media. You want to receive an email from interested potential buyer,  or better, a paypal receipt  because it has sold.

Maybe you do not know how to the price your artwork  or want to change the pricing across whole website. We can include  automatic pricing by area, just enter the base price per area, and premiums for different media, and have your artwork priced consistently  across the site.

When you have an exhibition you want to update you portfolio, perhaps include some photos or videos of the exhibition.  When you feel like writing a blog post or article about your creative musing then go for it.

Having you own website, with you own domain name is one of the steps to becoming a serious artist, its good for promoting yourself. Shared art websites are good  but your work is mixed up with other artists lessening the impact of the your work.

I have gone though the processing of setting up  websites for my own artwork and for other artists.  I realised that free online  solutions,  and most templates for wordpress,  do not cater for the specific needs of the Artist.

For example,  most portfolio  or artistic  templates cater for photography i.e. fixed aspect ratio and landscape. If your are a painter your works will  have different aspect ratios and do not always look good on standard templates – thumbnail images are cropped to a square, or appears stretched or squashed. You will want to tell the customer the  medium, size,  and price.  Perhaps for a series of artworks you need one overall description,  and a shorter description about the each artwork in the series.

On the techie side of things,  websites with lots of images and not much text have a few special needs for good search engine results,  our templates optimise such things.

WordPress is an excellent solution for Websites, easy to use, easy to post from mobile devices but it requires plugins and lot of tweaking for really great performance, but we will take care of that.

If you are interested in your own website for Artists.  I will setup the whole site for you, including  a few of my templates specifically for artists. Leaving you to create and post.


If you are interested in kickstarting your artist website Email me.

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