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Work in Progress

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Studio     by paul james design

So heres the current work in progress in the Studio !

In the background some new abstracts, “Oil and water do not mix”, experiments with mixing oil paint and water based paints on Cotton or Canvas. Traditionally these mediums don’t mix,  but on unprimed cotton the paint soaks in and produces some abstract and grungy effects.

In the foreground (Left) is a new (old) series,  I first painted versions of  them in England over 10 years ago, they never made it to Singapore in one piece and I was never happy with quality of my painting  but there are important enough to me to repaint. The painting in front of the easel is a remix of the “theatre” concept, a new figure graces the wine glass and fish.  The painting on the easel is unfinished. The proposed series,  theres more coming,  is about  people, and their actions in the theatre of life, the hollow necked figures represent the emptiness of people, and their willingness to be filled up with information, emotions or crap.


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